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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 09:40



Happy Birthday!

A couple of days before, 26 full years have passed since the first organizational meeting of the club “Minsk Zubrs” was held on May, 28. The glorious history has begun since 1991. It is adding new bright colors to the caleidoscope of events. A lot of moments have left an indelible mark in the minds of hundreds people involved in “Minsk Zubrs’s” history.

We have seen much throughout it: great victories, inglorious defeats, grief of loss and joy of meetings. The only juggernaut that makes us move forward is as they say “Virtue is heading to the mark”.

“Zubrs”, the name of the Club, is more inherently intertwined with its history and philosophy. Zubrs are ancient animals survived despite different hazards and still don’t have any natural enemies around. Being unprecedented power and calm they are hardly interested in that going around and have the territory for themselves. This allegory is absolutely appropriate to the Club’s recent history.

At this field day we would like to thank the people who have remained true to the native Club and its traditions as well as absent friends who have contributed much to the Club’s success. We remember and are really glad to see everybody in our family!

Zubrs can’t stand still! Some plans will be realized this year! Great changes are coming!

Our moto – “Go Zubrs!!!”


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